Did he not see the balloon bubble that said, Caution: over-protective Gramma, over my head? If he did, he was sadly unaware of the consequences.  The young boy who might have been eight decided the best strategy to retrieve a car from a science exhibit would be to  shove MY three year old granddaughter out of line.  My first reaction was to to tend to my granddaughter, of course, and the second was to launch at him like his worst nightmare.  

Was it ok? 

Truth is, I don’t need your validation to protect what is mine, but I am curious.  You see I like to think I encourage a live and let live mentality, and I do believe experience is life’s greatest lesson.  That said, I cannot be a doormat, because that comes with its own list of consequences. So mess with me, mine or those incapable of protecting themselves, and I will launch at you or yours.   Lucky for that young boy my tantrum style came in the form of  a stare,(ok glare) a gentle hand on his back, and direction…the line is back there.  And to those who know me…yes I smiled. 

It made me think about anger, and if it is OK for us, as adults to lose control.   I think, like children,  we have tantrums more then we would like to admit.  They just look different. 

How often do you huff and puff in line at a store because the clerk is too slow or the lady in front of you can’t find her wallet. 

How about that time when you made sure the guy who cut you off on the highway, knew he was  #1 in your book. 

Do you remember the time you just had to “moon” an opposing team, because you were  a sore loser.  (just to clarify, I never did that)

My favorite tantrum I love to hate is going on a social media rant.     

If you are laughing, you know as well as I do, you can relate. But it’s not cute.   It is not the cute little girl with pony tails wailing in an effort to stay at the park, or the little boy flailing on the floor because he wants the bright, yellow dumptruck at the toy store.  You are grown, and when you are an adult, it’s not cute. 

Young or old, a tantrum merely states it is going to be my way or no way.  It’s about me, it’s always about me. So, rather then that right or wrong I wonder… how can we control what we can’t control?

Tantrum Strategies for the Young at Heart : And guess what, this is all about you too.

Breathe.  You are not going to fix anyone but yourself, so take that deep breath and be better for it.

Organize your time better:  Frustration usually comes hand in hand with rushing.

Walk away:  Sometimes this is all that is needed to prevent escalation.  

Slow down.  

Manage your time on Social Media.  People love drama and using this venue for their  soapbox. Don’t be dragged into their storm.


Eat ice cream.  There is something about an ice cream cone that generates a smile.
Do that. 

Wind Kisses, Donna