I have been blogging for a little over a year.  My intent was to have a place to collect my thoughts, organize my photos, and revisit my life according to me.   

I stumbled across the WordPress Photo Challenge by accident and figured it was a group of professionals sharing their amazing work, and I was right. It was also people like me who just enjoy the hobby, and maybe having  an assignment for the week.  The photo challenges helped me revisit old photos, inspire new shoots, and most important they gave purpose to photos that were only alive to me.   Photos that held my heart’s memories. 

Never did I expect to find something in common with people half way across the globe.  Never did I expect to form cyber penpals/friendships from all over the world. Never did I think I might connect with people living in places from my childhood, or for that matter, locals who share a similar life. 

I did.

The word that day first day was, corner, and being from Arizona, I immediately began humming…The Eagles…standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ.  To me, it was reflective of my personality, the love of music, and fun.  To actually publish it was another story.  I think I stared at it for a day, curious if I was following the rules. I was certain the WordPress police would come after me if I wrote too many words or submitted a poor interpretation.

I survived.

Overtime, I realized that the challenges were freedom to express myself with my own interpretation of the themes.  My photos became stories,  travel journals, and often portray the hidden messages I gather from my experiences. My writing style morphed into saying what I need to say, regardless of who was listening.

Today’s prompts inspire me to take a retrospective look back at my contributions. I smiled, because those of you who know me, know it would be impossible  for me to pick a favorite, so instead I decided the photo from my first submission would also be my last.   

Take It Easy.

Seems quite apropos in many ways, doesn’t it?  Relax…Yes…we will have to be more diligent about what is inspiring us through the week, but….  don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.  

For me this is simple. I will continue to  follow those who inspire me, make me laugh at this crazy life, and who have taught me how to be better in this blogging world.  Thank you for that. We are better together, aren’t we? 

The song?  That’s an all-time favorite too.  Please don’t tell me you have never heard it….

Eagles – Take It Easy

And…if you happen to be wandering in my neck of the woods like Gwen,  who will be traveling Route 66 this summer, stop here for lunch, stay at La Posada and…take it easy. 

Wind kisses, Donna


Inspired by WPC: All-Time Favorites

Inspired by The Daily Post:Retrospective