I am a libra, and everything about my life works better with balance.  Then again, isn’t that true for all of us?  Our lives are consumed with work, busy schedules, family,  and everything in between, so where does life’s balance come from?  

For me, it comes when I seek out time in the day that belongs to me… only me.   


Beautiful, wonderful solitude.  Think about that for a minute.  Isn’t solitude great for reflection, a time to think, and a chance to replenish the mind?  And isn’t it just nice to appreciate your own company sometimes?  

While nature is a place I prefer my time, the Phoenix heat has other plans.  Our outside time is limited to quick cannonballs in the pool, life with air-conditioned everything, and road trips north to cooler temps.  

Today my time was with a cup of coffee, a leftover star-shaped cookie from the 4th of July and my computer.   Photos from our recent trip to Tuscany had me daydreaming  back to days of hiking and biking through the countryside, and sitting outside with the setting sun.

Something caught my eye.

I figured it was probably the rabbit who has decided, over time,  lunch in my garden is the best deal around.  And while I had been lost in thought, I figured the interruption might salvage a few plants. 

A look out the window told a different story.   Instead, the quail babies hatched!   Heat or no heat, when quail babies hatch you pay attention. They look like a walnut with a mohawk, and they run around with chaotic confusion making laughter inevitable. And while my heart is happy, I wish they would just sit still for a moment. fullsizeoutput_35a8

The parents…not too fond of me for interrupting their solitude and the lessons they are trying to teach their chicks, but  dang it….once again…fullsizeoutput_35a0

I am in awe with this amazing world we all call home.   fullsizeoutput_35a7

Wind Kisses, Donna


Inspired by Frank Jansen – Photo Challenge  – Heat

Shelley at Quaint Revival – Solitude