I love bread!   I don’t care if it is sticks, loaves, flat, round, topped, drizzled or plain. I love bread. And while I never need permission to treat myself, I have learned that eating bread in Italy comes with rules or bread etiquette. So in an effort to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do,  listen and learn.

“Madam take a slice of bread to wipe away the sauce, so I might bring you the next course.” 

The words were whispered to me by Chef Mattissee’s assistant, his wife. My eyes got big, not because U.S. culture considers it bad manners, but instead because I was allowed to get every last drop of the delicious sauce without my conscience scolding me.

Take note:

  1. Bread is not an appetizer in Italy. Even if it is on the table, it is meant to be eaten with the meal.

2.  If it is prepared as bruschetta, it is considered the first course and can be eaten right away.  (FYI perfect bruschetta is made with day old bread). fullsizeoutput_3610

3. Olive oil is the only true condiment.

4. And finally, bread is used to mop up the remaining sauces from your plate.  In fact, it is a ritual known as fare la scarpetta.   Alleluia! 


Wind Kisses, Donna

The greatest treat?  The presence of Gourmet Chef Mattisse, who prepared and taught us about the culinary arts of Italy.


Inspired by Frank Jensen’s photo challenge – Treat