When you pull into the gravel parking lot at Kirklands Bar and Steakhouse you will wonder whose crazy idea it was to wander the back roads of Arizona…and not take snacks.

It was rustic, there were animals roaming in the back, and there were no other cars. fullsizeoutput_36ca

I figured it was an opportune time to play around with my camera, but that he in my we decided this was going to be our lunch stop, and when he didn’t return a few minutes later, I figured I lost the battle.

I caved and went in.  

It was there I was welcomed by Herb, the owner of Kirklands.  My husband already had an ice tea poured from a glass jug and before we ordered from the chalkboard menu, Herb made sure we knew everything was homemade by his wife, Barbara. He also made us promise to come back for dinner another time because he does the grilling, after 4:00.

While we waited, he shared the history of Kirklands that is now on the historic registry. fullsizeoutput_369e

I laughed to think it wasn’t the first time I had been into a house of ill repute, after all we do live in Arizona, but it was indeed the first time I had been served a Diet Coke in a Bud Light glass.

Herb sharing the history of Kirklands

Following lunch, Herb walked us around the premises mimicking the sussurous language of walls that talk.  We fell back in time and more important we fell in love.  Pride of ownership came across in every corner of the saloon, every crumb of food, and every story of  famous visitors.

Herb and Barbara the day the purchased Kirklands. 

We learned that they have one rule that they have lived by since they purchased the establishment 26 years ago.   Regardless of what events are going on, the locals and the regulars are always home here, and are never turned away. fullsizeoutput_36a0

We will return.  His claim to fame? The steaks are never frozen, and they are made to order.  The mesquite grill he cooks them on was once a trough on the property. The grill is raised and lowered by wagon wheels that  were found on the property when purchased. fullsizeoutput_36c3

Yes, we will return, and next time we will stop at the neighboring town of Skull Valley, not for snacks….just for fun. fullsizeoutput_3694

Wind Kisses, Donna

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