The long weekend took us back to Coronado, San Diego.  Today the baby sandpipers were learning their way around the ocean tide. They greet each wave that approaches the shoreline, and scurry around as if their life depends on it, it does.  For them survival is their life’s work.   And, ironically enough, we are strolling along at our leisure with “work hard, play harder” on our mind. fullsizeoutput_3906.jpeg We stumbled across a bed of sand dollars. And while they are commonplace to us, I remember not too long ago, a family asking what they were.  I smiled, figuring this was a great excuse to do my writing for the day.  I could only hope someone might appreciate the notes. Either way my life work seems to be: “do what you like, and like what you do“.  fullsizeoutput_393c


There is a message here…  fullsizeoutput_3939

Wind Kisses, Donna

What is your work hard, play harder moment?  What is your “do what you like, like what you do moment”?  Does the beach inspire you to think?  Have you ever written messages in the sand? Tell me more….

Happy Labor Day, I hope you return to work or school refeshed and inspired.

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