What keeps you grounded?  

For many, it is spirituality, family, or yoga. And yet, I know others who can kick back on a motorcycle, with some classic rock blaring from their speakers, and know they are in their place. 

I wonder if what keeps us grounded is the same thing that guides us in our journey.  Honestly, it is this walk through life that is on my mind these days, and with it the realization that sometimes guidance and inspiration come in the most unlikely places. fullsizeoutput_52f1

I found a talisman at the annual Santa Fe Indian Market, NM a few years ago. The event surprised us, since the motivation behind our trip was to explore Bandelier , Taos and enjoy the color of Santa Fe. The streets were crawling with people when we walked in to town, and while I am not much for crowds, I am pretty good at people watching.

The artisan I approached at the market seemed quite reserved, humble if you will. While many marketed their jewelry, he sat polishing and straightening his, almost immune to what was going on around him.  It was the reason I approached him.

I showed him the piece I was interested in. He looked in my eyes and whispered that the spiral symbolized a journey, my journey.  And that was it.   I decided not to ask the million questions that flew out of my eyes, because like many Native Americans I know, he believed it was not his journey to tell, and instead….mine to find.IMG_8397

And here I am on this ride called life understanding that this spiral is a fascinating metaphor for life.  It tells me to recognize our core, honor our values, and trust that it will unravel, placing us on the path we are eventually meant to walk.fullsizeoutput_5302

I know…it is possible you are still searching for direction.fullsizeoutput_52fa

Maybe not….fullsizeoutput_52f3

But, what I do know is, our book of life,  is a journey that we make and take as it is presented to us, and this talisman reminds me of exactly that.

I think a lot about the man who sold me my spiral necklace, and I often wonder about his journey.  It is pretty clear that his gift is to nudge others into finding theirs, but whether he knows it or not, his reflection and quiet wisdom, will remain with me.

Today, that came in the form of a shadow.fullsizeoutput_5305

Is there something different that inspires you? Acts as a talisman?  Have you found inpsiration in an unlikely place?

Wind Kisses, Donna