Is there anyone who still uses a map?  Is there anyone who remembers when the prerequisite for any trip was a Rand McNally Road Atlas?

I do.

I know I know, map reading seems to be a bit archaic, and to fold one is a lesson in origami, but I like maps, and I still use them. I think they are a great visual for vacation routes, and it’s fun to mark off cities and landmarks in the area you are traveling.  For us, it’s part of the adventure.

But truth be known, when God was handing out gifts he decided to give someone else my  sense of direction.  And it’s ok, because sometimes all I need to know is the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. fullsizeoutput_4ca7

I learned from a young age how to use a map and my two daughters didnโ€™t have a choice. At that time, our priority was getting to sporting events on time and in the right city. I graduated to MapQuest when my youngest daughter learned of it in Drivers Ed, but even with printed directions, the maps remained in the car, just in case.

And now grandchildren have a need to know. fullsizeoutput_5396

Today I am beholden to the GPS lady who always has my back.  You know her. The one who asks: “How can I help you?”  And the one you confide in at 5:30 AM.  “I need coffee.” And then without judgement or expectations, 3.2 miles later she will let you know, “You have arrived at your destination.”

Unless, of course, you were not paying attention, and missed the turn. Then she graciously, and once again without judgement, comes to the rescue,” recalculating, please make a U-turn.  I love her!

We all reach for technology these days, and while maps still contribute to a greater journey,  we are fingertips away from navigating to and from faraway places with more efficiency and less time. fullsizeoutput_5397

Ah, yes, the convenience of technology in this busy world.  Curious, I asked Siri her opinion about paper maps.  What I learned was she has a sense of humor and most likely knows me very well.  I love her too. fullsizeoutput_539c

The irony in all this technology for us these days, is we are usually trying to get off the beaten path, venture to places where the wifi is weak, and our phones say no service.  So, yes, we use our navigation, but we still have maps…just for fun. fullsizeoutput_53a2

Do you still use maps?  Do you teach your children?  Do you find fun in just letting the road plan your journey on some days?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Frank Jansen – Technology