My collection of boat names is for no other reason then is it simple fun and provides entertaining conversation-starters on the docks.  The names are fun to decipher, and as a boat owner,  I can attest to the fun in naming them.  Traditionalists say to name your boat after your lady love, but some of the most humorous names have come out of the stickiest of relationships. Regardless, the names are usually reflective of the owner’s creativity, and personality.

Some are profound, some nonsense, and many are a play on words. Certainly a a cure-all in this case. fullsizeoutput_555d

And uncertainty in this one. DSC_0238.JPG

Of course some speak for themselves.DSC_0241.JPG

And sometimes you wonder if it is the wild, the life, or the wildlife that brings refuge.  It is all subject to interpretation, unless you know the owner. fullsizeoutput_556b

There are a lot of factors that go into naming boats.   Is it for retirement, a weekend getaway,  a second home, water skiing, or fishing?  Is it career driven, a philosophy, or maybe just an old 80’s song. fullsizeoutput_555b

Some are messages about work, some are work. fullsizeoutput_5572

It is possible that some love a glass of wine, or maybe the nearby restaurant owners of Uncorked, just need to let go when they are on the water. fullsizeoutput_556a

What floats your boat?  fullsizeoutput_5570


Do you have a boat?  If so, what is the name? If not, what would you name it?

From the Knotty Impulse….

Wind Kisses, Donna

RDP: Knot