Is there someone in your life who changed you, inspired you, who mattered at the right time?

Have you told them?

So often we let the days pass by, talk of those who have inspired us, or made a difference, and they never know.   We never see them again or in many cases they pass.  And then come the beautiful tributes, the memories and the reasons we loved and admired them. 

But it was too late.

We let time get in the way and the days go by and we shoulda’ woulda’ coulda’.

Have you ever had someone pay you a compliment or show appreciation for what you have done at your workplace, or maybe by a complete stranger. You find yourself walking a little taller, smiling a little longer and basking in that moment, don’t you?

Someone once said to me when I walked into the gym I had belonged to for years.  ” I have never seen you walk in here without a smile”. And it mattered.

If you ever want a chance to impact a person’s life,  pass it on.  It is not too late…today.   If it is someone your know, pick up the phone, send a message or a card through the mail.  Don’t delay, because you don’t have the time.  A text takes seconds, and there are dozens of opportunities in the day to say something kind. Those few seconds might impact the life of a complete stranger.  Trust me, even if they think you are strange, they will carry your kindness with them.  

Tell them.


Plan your weekend around it, and be reminded to want nothing in return.  If it is the response you seek, you have missed the point.

You are loved.

Wind Kisses, Donna