You can journey to the ends of the earth and still find beauty in your own backyard. 

I finished my coffee before the sun was up.

I live at the foot of Deem Hills in Arizona, so my morning walks often take me to it’s trails.  My grandkids call it Gramma’s Hill, and I call it my backyard. Regardless, the fresh rain will undoubtedly promise an awakening desert.

The sunrise will be hit or miss like most days,  and I am ok with that. fullsizeoutput_7be2



I know it will be another few weeks before the saguaro bloom.  It’s all good. I will be back with the next sunrise…or sunset.

You DO know that is our state flower, yes? fullsizeoutput_7b26

And while I did miss the sunrise on my way up, it hearted me anyway.  See it?  fullsizeoutput_7be1

Wind Kisses, Donna

My Backyard – Inspired by Frank Jansen