What connects you to others? 

A couple months ago it might have been sporting events, spiritual gatherings, or simply Friday nights. These days we are limited to computers, phones, and social media.

So it seems.

We can’t go to our gyms, or schools, let alone work places without some risk.  And while we can go grocery shopping, I look forward to the days I can mean mug someone for leaving their cart in the parking lot.   

Things have changed.  So we stay home, like we are supposed to.   

How about a different kind of connection?

Have you been on a chalk walk? fullsizeoutput_7e3d

Chalk Walk 2020 was introduced to us by our neighboring schools.  It’s motivation was to encourage families to get outside, spread good thoughts on the sidewalks, and connect from a distance.  There are no “how to” instructions. A box of chalk will spark creativity. fullsizeoutput_7e45

I have seen elaborate designs, scripture, impressive murals, words of encouragement,  math problems, and stops for exercise.  At my house you will hopscotch, skip and then take some chalk with you to spread the fun.fullsizeoutput_7e1c

Join me.  Sometimes it is about what you can do, isn’t it?fullsizeoutput_7e3c

What is connecting you to  friends, family, and neighbors these days?

I would love to pass it on…

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by Frank Jansen – Connect