Have you ever unleashed Pandora’s Box?

You DO know it’s not a myth, right?

Yes, I am asking sweet wonderful you.

 Have you ever created fear, chaos or drama?

Have you ever placed judgment upon those you have decided are beneath you?  

Are you are a lifetime member of the ‘cackling hen society’? 

Be honest. 

Sometimes  I believe we unleash Pandora’s Box the minute we walk out the front door, open our laptops, or even open our mouths.

Do you?


If there is one thing we have all learned over the past few months is how precious our time is.   Some of us have lost our jobs wishing we had that time back.  Others are complaining they have too much time on their hands, and still others think their time is more valuable elsewhere. 

Some of us have lost loved ones.  Let that sink in. 

For me it is unique.     

That time piece?  That gift of time I always talk about? That has quadrupled as I have am gramma, the teacher, and the caregiver.  I admit, I have had to laugh off  too many things to count,  and “oh, well” is the new mantra.   And yet, my heart is content as all the grandchildren are together in the same place.

What can you do?

Well for one, shut Pandora’s Box, at least for now.

Be careful out there.

And maybe, do one thing everyday that impresses you.    Yes. You. 

Wind Kisses, Donna