Hidden Falls is a stellar 80ft waterfall at the far end of scenic Jenny Lake, introducing you to the skyline of the Grand Teton Range. What makes it fun is the accessibility and close proximity to the lake. I am a stickler for truth, so be warned, there is a climb.

Take your time, the views will be worth it and there is a boat shuttle to take you back.

There are three ways to get up to Hidden Falls in the Tetons. First, is to take the marked trail around Jenny Lake and up to the falls. Second, is to cross the lake on the shuttle boat, and third is by kayak/canoe.  IMG_3318.JPG

Pay attention.   The wildlife along the way is trying to stay hidden too.IMG_1191.JPG

When you arrive at the west-shore boat dock, signs will guide you onto Cascade Canyon Trail, the short, but steep hike passing by the falls.  Promise me you will continue on to Inspiration Point. You will be glad you did.  DSC_0044.JPG

You will be privy to views that were hidden only moments before.  IMG_1243.JPG

And hidden surprises too. DSC_0686.JPG

Curious where the photo of Hidden Falls is, or what it looks like?  

I am leaving that up to you to find.  

Wind Kisses, Donna