Home is a collection of memories that reflect this moment in time.

It is also a collection of yesterdays. 

We bought our last home in Arizona, with the idea that grandchildren wouldn’t be far away. It would be the chapter we reflect upon our life.  We decorated it with a southwest mindset and loved that decor from our life in Spain was a perfect fit. fullsizeoutput_818f

I knew from the beginning we would spend a lot of time outdoors and our outdoor space could be an extension of our home.  It will always be a work in progress and I am ok with that,  fullsizeoutput_7e16

As long as the rules are followed.  fullsizeoutput_8189

Some take the rules more serious, than others.img_1450

I am most grateful for our open spaces.  Here in Arizona, the footprint of our living space is small, but we have been given playgrounds and wide open spaces to just go.fullsizeoutput_2c2c

But yes, I do stay home. My favorite room in the house is my office space.  And the why’s have nothing to do with work.  I love that it transformed itself over night, thanks to my granddaughter. A pillow tossed in the corner near the bookshelf a few years ago has become the library.  And while its major purpose is to look at books, it has morphed into more than that. It is a cuddle corner, a place we talk about nothing and everything, and it is a respite.  Our daughters’ old stuffed toys have a new purpose, and Mariah brings some from home to keep them company.  The artwork and calendar were more recent additions thanks to my grandson.  This too is a work in progress, isn’t it?

And I wonder how we will all fit when they are teenagers. nh7I9M1QTGWVQe3NHRkW3A

Wind Kisses, Donna