This has certainly been the chapter in ALL of our lives for reflection.

I started this a few weeks back out of curiosity and to nurture reflection over Easter.   The list isn’t what you’d expect, and it’s funny.  I think it’s meant to read once a week, but I enjoyed it everyday.  I wrote notes in the side bar, and love revisiting the fun, funny, and, ok, the hard stuff too.

Ponder a few of my thoughts today.

Note the flowers below.  Look again, and note that are all facing away from me.  I know…in a literal sense they are reaching for the sun.   And…from another perspective, maybe they aren’t turning away from ME at all.

Maybe their light, their passion, their path is just different from mine.87772095_10219121232160040_2948256708083843072_o

YOU HAVE JUST ONE LIFE!  How are you spending it?

Read that again.88175491_10219134758978202_7779474104331010048_o


Join me. Love to hear the stories you can apply to “the list”.