It’s fun to play around with photography.  This week I have been inspired to take a closer look at abstracts in black and white. I admit, I enjoy color, and yet, abstraction gives  freedom to take absolutely anything to make it uniquely yours.

The goal is to zoom in, taking time to focus in on fragments of an item.  Isolating it from the bigger picture, makes it stand out, creating interest. 

For fun, I just went though some older photos.  I tried to find photos that were naturally black and white, but I did tweak a few to keep it within my motivation.

You will certainly notice the light in this photo.  Interesting or frivolous?

DSC_0795.JPG copy – Version 2

This time, I enjoy knowing it is meant to lead the way. DSC_0795.JPG copy

In this photo, my guess is some will see a textured design with the shape of something on the inside.  I saw a crab, but yes, us realists recognize the seeds.  With that in mind…fullsizeoutput_81dc

I see possibility. 13653480_10208361176085363_7766796846394191358_o

What do you see here?  Maybe it is just meant to study closer?  IMG_2126.JPG – Version 2

But I already know it is meant to frame the view. IMG_2126.JPG

Abstract is about perception. Right?  This?  Help me out.  fullsizeoutput_81cc

Because,  I am already grateful for what sits underneath. fullsizeoutput_81cf

I think I will need a camera date to photograph abstract as it should be, but for now a nice morning walk will have to do.

Wind Kisses, Donna