I trust the next chapter because I know the author.

Do you?  

Trusting yourself is one of the great gifts you can give yourself.  It builds your confidence and in return, others recognize you as a confidant because you seem to know the ropes.

When you trust yourself, you discover that you no longer need others to validate your opinions or actions. 

Conjure up that image of you for a moment.  Feels good, doesn’t it? 

Sadly, how often you have thought, What will people say?   Please tell me you don’t do that anymore.  If so, is it worth it?  That sentence has killed more dreams than anything else in the world.  And it is sad to think we put more energy into what others think, then lifting our own spirits.  So what will people say?  

Who cares? Their opinions are none of our business. 

Truth is none of us know what tomorrow will bring. This is especially true now, and luckily your story will still be written.  Don’t let anyone else hold the pen.  This book called life, is about you.fullsizeoutput_59c9

Not them.

That next chapter…

Be true to yourself: When you follow your own passions you set yourself on a path you are meant to own, one reflective of your personality. So own your, what is next, along with your colorful past, mistakes included. That my friends is called character. 

Set reasonable goals: What does your busy look like?  Can you let go a little bit? Can you take a deep breath amidst all that busy?  Most of us see busy, as productivity.  I think I do.  But maybe busy is causing life to pass us right by.fullsizeoutput_74c0

Set perfectionism aside:  Do I really need to tell you no one is perfect?  So many of us are brought up with that unnecessary mindset. Practice makes progress, right?  Too often we think we have to be the smartest, the strongest, and the most talented everything.  And that sets us up for failure. There will always be another mountain to climb, and  another record to break. Guess what?  There will be another day to do it too.

Enjoy your own company:   I have talked about this before, and redundant or not, the message is worth repeating.  Take some time everyday that belongs to you.  Time that is deliberate and purposeful.  Journal, drink coffee, water the flower garden, whatever centers you. It doesn’t have to be yoga. The only requirement is that you must be present in that moment. fullsizeoutput_7102

Know the good thing.  I tested this one again lately.  Like most everyone, our lives are changed with COVIID19. Quite frankly, I am overwhelmed having everyone home. 

Those steps above fit nicely into my yesterday, and I am feeling a bit selfish that I miss my quieter life.  The good things? No one lost their jobs.  We are connected to all of our grandchildren in our own little bubble.  It is fun to have everyone drive-through lunch from the  fridge and cupboards.   And breaks mean there is time for cannonballs in the pool. Well, not me.  That is not in my story

None of us is immune to the tough stuff. We all have those people, places, and things we would like to one-line from our story.  Don’t do it.  Life happens anyway, and when you take charge you will see your life become more parallel to your personality. So pick up that pen, and by all means use pen.  Mistakes can’t be erased so might as well drag them along too.  And finally…

Pass it on. fullsizeoutput_81fb

Wind Kisses, Donna