What story do you want your photo to tell?

You probably already know I love road trips, adventure, the outdoors and photography. My blog is simply impressions of the days I can be out and about.

I call them my field trips.   

I do not pretend to be a professional, and generally use a look and shoot mentality with a mission in mind. Editing photos allows me to experiment, and dial in to shape a vision I may have had.   

Experimentation is fun.  There is no right way, or wrong way.  Personally, I like to work with a duplicate photo so I can compare the edited version with the original.  And while not always possible, I prefer images with high resolution.  

There are numerous compositional tools in photography and cropping is one way to enhance a photo.  The majority of my photos are cropped, by choice. It empowers me to move the center point of the photo, frame an image, or just find a way to create interest with my preferences in mind.  

Why Crop?  

To Remove Distractions:  Taking out background noise helps draw the eye where you want.  It also creates more impact. The first photo is clearly at a rest area near an outhouse and the parking lot.  Version 2When the background is cleared, you notice how the little girl is completely engaged in her book. I like that it feels more like a park setting and the fence seemed to just show up.  fullsizeoutput_8376

For More Impact: Look what happens when you zoom in on the subject.  The butterflies are lovely, right? IMG_4735

Did you notice the clear-winged butterflies?  If not….let me help. fullsizeoutput_8381

To Improve Composition:  I like to implement the Rule of Thirds in photos to create more interest. In the first photo the balloon is almost center. IMG_2428While there was some editing of shadows,  the new image feels more balanced even with the balloon off-set.  Version 3

For Story or Content Reasons:   The first photo shows the sheer size and open space compared to the hiker.  Maybe initially, you didn’t even notice the person.   fullsizeoutput_8387

To make a point there seems to be more curiosity about the person, than the landscape. My preference is the first in this scenario.   What do you think?  F8F2A8FC-C773-4858-B445-587D5959449C

To Enhance the Expression or Emotion:fullsizeoutput_83a6fullsizeoutput_83ab

Thank you for the inspiration Patti.

Wind Kisses, Donna