Are you settling for what the day dishes out to you? 


What if, when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, you don’t let it dictate the rest of your day?IMG_2333

What if you could actually control Murphy’s Law for a change? Go ahead roll your eyes. Chances are pretty good if you read my blog, half the time you probably think I live in a bubble anyway.

You are wrong.

Life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries lately, so they say.  And yet, I am able to redefine the importance of channeling energy into a newer opportunity or a fresher mindset.  A bowl of cherries isn’t all that bad anyway, is it? DSC_0202

How do I do it?

I use “the good thing is” tactic.  This is the opportunity given to you to reframe the situation.  I know, sometimes a deep breath is necessary.  So what could possibly be the good thing about this golf shot?  This is easy.  I am surrounded with great friends, a lot of laughter and a moment of character building. fullsizeoutput_5ac8

I say “I get to” instead of I have to.  A great example of this is when people say they have to go on a diet.  Would it be better if you say, I get to find my way to better health?  Make sense?

During recent travel, I realized how much I have to wait. fullsizeoutput_841d

And I learned that with waiting, I get to explore nooks, and crannies a little more. fullsizeoutput_3491

Life is happening for you, not to you.  

What did you get to do today?

Wind Kisses, Donna