If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you the smell of bacon never gets old. 

I would tell you my morning walks are now in the pool. And gardening? That is in the pool too. 

I anticipate the arrival of the grandkids who fly through the front door with an I love you, Gramma, a drive by hug, and a pat on the head for their baby cousin.  Two of them can cannonball in three, large leaps from the back door.

These days I venture outside, in the morning, to reconnect with myself before the day starts. Coffee is a great journaling companion. I write what I am grateful for, what the day looks like, and I collect feedback from my blog to see what might inspire my thoughts.

This reflection is for my own good. And everyone elses. 

And yet, in my journal today, I write, when did we stop becoming human?

I can’t seem to get that out of my head. 

And I can’t answer it.

It bothers me that we seem to have so much hate towards one another. It bothers me that for the past few months we demoralize people who are NOT being responsible about social distancing and then decide violent protests, and looting, while mingling with hundreds of strangers is a good idea.  It bothers me that people think violence is the key.  And it bothers me that corruption stands in the way of our protection.

Yes. It is sad. 

And you can still make a difference. Have you ever met someone who moves you gracefully through life?  Have you met anyone doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do? Maybe those who lead by exhibiting kindness, peacefulness, and understanding know something more about moving us forward then we do.

What do you think?

I just know I am tired of hearing people say, YOU NEED to stop being….or YOU NEED to stop doing ….


Think about that for a minute.  Isn’t that is what YOU need?  Not me.  What I need is love, what I need is to understand, what I need is to listen.  What I need to do is make phone calls, vote and continue with volunteer efforts. What I need is making sure my priorities are to make this world a better place, with me in it.  

What I need is faith. 

You can choose to lead your way too. 

Life is about choice. 

I just want to know…

When did we stop becoming human?  

Wind Kisses, Donna