I have always wanted to stop on one of our road trips to get a photo of the love life graffiti above. Last winter we did did a u-turn on the way home from Monument Valley to get it. The photo from the highway was great, which is what you see.

But honestly, it was more fun to trek though desert brush, open a rusty, barbered-wire gate, climb down into a steep river wash, be on the lookout for the creatures attached to the footprints I saw, and climb up to sit here.fullsizeoutput_59c9

There is a greater message here.

Isn’t the hard stuff  the reason the fun stuff is that much more fun, and accomplishments that much sweeter?

Love Life.

And while I am at it,  amidst the protests, let us not forget, be kind, fullsizeoutput_38b3

Be brave enough to have a conversation that matters.

And love with all your might. I love you all.  We got this. fullsizeoutput_3e2

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by Cee – Graffiti and Murals 

PS. The love life graffiti is just north of Camerons Trading Post on the 89. (Arizona) It’s on the old bridge and has been here for years. I hope you find it too.