Do you ever turn to nature to make sense of life’s purpose or search for answers to what consumes your mind?

The rain lilies, above, are native to our Arizona desert and bloom overnight following a rain.  They are delicate, and beautiful on the outside, but it is their strength, resilience, and determination, that is their true gift.   

On another day, a few years ago, I found myself halfway up my hill and gave myself permission to cry.  

It was ok.   I wan’t sad, or mad or uncertain.  I just deserved a minute. 

We all do, right?

And as usual, this beautiful desert gifted me with a deep breath, and the answers I needed at that time. Life promises us, not a world we are neatly tucked into, and instead, a life of twists and turns, up and downs, and all arounds. And to be quite honest, isn’t it the bumps in the road and stuff in the way that brings us to where we need to be. Isn’t that where we find balance?

What do you think?

Hear me out. C is for Circumference (Trail) on most days. Isn’t it for courage too?

There will always be something in the way…

But there will always be another way. And those bumps in the road are good for the glutes…too.

So in the face of adversity…stand up.

And breathe.

How great thou art…

Who or what is the cleanser of your soul?

Wind Kisses, Donna