I believe even the rocks in Sedona meditate.

The Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness is located within the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. It includes wind and water shaped pinnacles, windows, arches, and slot canyons. Many come to experience the mysterious vortexes, and most just to see the famous red rock that Sedona is known for. Whatever the reason, this collection of nature’s masterpieces, is an invitation for exploration.

Pick a day, and the trails or the roads will take you to breathtaking panoramas, deep gorges and secret caves.

On this day we started with coffee. Do you see Coffeepot Rock?

Somedays we are looking, listening and feeling for a vortex. Boynton Canyon will not disappoint.

On a summer day maybe a ride down Slide Rock at Oak Creek.

There is always time for contemplation, right? Robber’s Roost is a great lookout for that.

Hearing quiet at West Fork Trail.

Searches. Rumor tells of interesting history near Vultee Arch.

Panaramas. My favorite spot is on top of Cathedral Rock looking at Courthouse Butte. Today anyway.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you Dianne of Rambling Ranger blog for the inspiration, Lets Get Wild.

But sometimes we just need to get a little wild, and play the devil’s advocate, especially when on Devils Bridge.