Are you too comfortable?

If you are, turn it up.

They were the words of my spin coach, and forty-five minutes into the ride I remember wondering why it mattered.

Does it?

I am here. I am present. What is so bad about being comfortable? What is it to her?

I turned it up anyway. As a competitor at heart, today was not going to be the day to sell myself short. I believe you show up, work your butt off every single time, and smile at the self you present to the day.

That’s when it clicked.

Sports taught me about a step-up-to-the-plate mentality, how to study the starting line, and reach for the finish line. This challenge is the deep breath, and often the one, extra-step to summit a mountain.


Do it enough and that mindset will morph into daily life.

How do you elevate your mind to make you better? I didn’t say look better in a selfie.

I said better.

1. Get uncomfortable.  Know you always have more try than your mind lets you see.  When you get there, there are choices. You can walk away, or fight the fight, and overcome. Be reminded, without challenge, there is no reward. 

2. Do something you love every single day and share it.  The volunteers at Liberty Wildlife  are a perfect example.  They educate the public about birds of prey while tending to and connecting with the wildlife.

3. Welcome feedback.  There is no room in life for talking behind backs. It’s a flipping waste of time.  And in fact those who do it define their own character.  Set them aside, enjoy a good debate, a healthy conversation and know there is freedom to disagree.  Aren’t we better together?

4. Allow spontaneity into your life. Without spontaneity there is little room for new opportunity.  I know… predictability is wonderful, but isn’t it nice to live in the moment sometimes? Isn’t serendipity nice?  Who knew when we took a wrong turn a few weeks ago, the unassuming abode was Butch Cassidy’s childhood home.

5. Own your whoops. Don’t make excuses, and please don’t pass the buck. Owning a mistake will gift you respect from others, satisfaction in getting a job done, and maybe it taught you something in the process.

6. Learn to Improvise. Not everything is meant to be tucked into your perfect world.

7. Practice making progress. Once again…I never understood that perfect thing. If you can know you will never be the best at anything, life will be much easier. Can you just win the day? Absolutely. Just keep moving forward.

8. Know tomorrow. Don’t fall into the what if mentality. Instead, understand what is next. Do you set things aside to protect yourself from fall, or failure? Honestly…what if something did shake up your life unexpectedly. Could you cope? Be as prepared as you can, so when life happens, you can walk right into it like a boss.

9. Choose your life carefully. What you are good at and what fuels you might be two different things. Find that balance.  Never be afraid to go back to school. Never be afraid to learn new things, or achieving new goals. Never be afraid to change. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

10. Be the person YOU want to be, not the one every one thinks you should be. We all have flaws, and personal accomplishments. Own them.  Please don’t live solely to impress others.  Do you look back, now, with a wish you would have, could have, should have mentality?

Or…at 90, do you want say… dang that was quite a ride.   

Wind Kisses, Donna