When the journey becomes the goal, not the destination.

For outdoor enthusiasts, camping offers the ideal venue to be in touch with nature.

So we thought.

These days reservations are needed almost everywhere, and parks are crowded. It can be frustrating to make an effort, and sometimes it is with fingers crossed that a Walmart parking lot, will not home for the night.

It seemed like yesterday we tossed a tent in the back of the Trooper II and introduced our daughters to hiking, state parks, beaches, and s’mores. When we lived in Spain, in the 90’s, our vehicle of choice was a truck and truck camper so we could travel throughout Europe. With retirement came an RV while we traveled the US. And finally we landed in Yellowstone to work for a few years.

Today we find pleasure in getting off the grid and finding out of the way places to explore. With a 4-wheel drive Jeep there are very few places we cannot get to. Now with a tent on the roof, we can stop at our leisure.

Overlanding is extremely trendy right now. It takes you closer to the river’s edges, mountain foothills, beach dunes, and away from crowds and civilization.

If that’s what you crave.

With the capability of the 4×4 and a roof-top tent, the journey becomes the goal, not the destination.

The tents are compact, folding nicely onto a roof rack, leaving more room in the vehicle for extra gear or people.

This looks like a good spot to cross-country ski, look for wildlife, or just simply be.

As we move along on our journeys, campgrounds are not out of the question, especially with views like this at Glen Canyon.

Mornings, and evenings are always nice with a few friends who enjoy getting off the grid as well.

And there is always time for coffee.

Cheers to the great outdoors.

Like anything, there are pro and cons.


  1. It feels like a grownup treehouse, where you have stellar views.
  2. Wildlife is less of a threat when you are on the roof.
  3. It is durable, warm, and most come with a thick foam mattress for comfort.
  4. It is easy to set up and break down
  5. Camp anywhere.
  6. Fits on most vehicles
  7. You have everything with you


  1. Mounting the tent is difficult because of the weight.
  2. Breakdown – While easy to do, it can be inconvenient if you want to spend a few days in one place.
  3. Bathroom in the middle of the night. Going down a ladder when tired can be daunting.

Wind Kisses, Donna