From a distance, I was certain it said: Love Garden

You read it too, right?

I thought how romantic. What could be better then quiet stroll down into the love garden with that he in my we?

We were on an excursion to Balboa Park in San Diego. It is home to museums, performing arts venues, trails, the San Diego Zoo, and gardens galore.

Unfortunately, that he was already over it when we got here. We were on a week-long getaway in Coronado and that particular morning he muscled through a beach spin class I had signed him up, for and a 3-mile walk on the beach to cool down. To get to the garden, the stairs down meant we would have to come back up.

So I went with his blessing.

I enjoyed the garden walk along the way to what appeared to be a stage.

And that’s when I learned that in actuality, the mural says Zoro Garden. And history shares a more interesting place than just a place for viewing flowers and a quaint garden trail.  

It turns out, in the 30’s it was a nudist colony complete with it’s Queen Zorina. (this is true).  To enter, in it’s day, there was a  25 cent charge for unlimited observations of their rituals to the Sun God.   Those who didn’t want to pay,  found holes in the wooden fence that used to surround the beautiful grounds.   

The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.

Well worth the wander, but I am feeling  a bit over dressed.

Wind Kisses, Donna