What is it: Wonderspaces is a place where people connect with art and each other. Some exhibits are made for reflecting and others are interactive. Mostly, it is just plain fun.

And I wonder…

Is your best friend the one you dance the rainbow shadow dance with too?

Do you know what it feels like to dance around powdered sugar doughnut holes with the sound of a heartbeat for music?

Is this a reflection of my personality? Or is it the light from my rainbow, a superpower I knew nothing about?

Do you think is is true that we can spread our wings and fly?

I wonder if anyone else wants to see the world or save the environment?

And is it OK to just want to hang out?

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to swim off with sharks, and fly with them too?

You DO know your best of friends are the ones who stick with you, right?


So I wonder…have you thought about what this means to you?

Before I die I want to……….

Wind Kisses from Wonderspaces, Donna

Inspiration: Shadows