There are no illusions here. June in Arizona is hot, brutal actually, but I love it. Typically we travel to the north country, enjoy boating, or we simply live in the pool. Anything to cool off is on the list of things to do. This year, with wildfires engulfing our state, we stay closer to home.

Luckily, there was time at the beginning of the month to teach a good friend how to use her Jeep for off-road travel.

OK…so I brought snacks and took pictures, but we all enjoyed the angles and dangles of Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona. Now she can enjoy some of the out-of-the-way-places we love too.

But home is where we hang our heart, and at the end of any day our watering hole is the best spot in town.

Just ask the grandkids.

My love of gardening continues, and the summer garden seems to be doing well, despite the heat.

But honestly the best part is that I can garden from in the pool.

What touched my heart the most this month, was the cute coyote pup that found respite, under a tree, near our patio. She settled in everyday about noon. She didn’t budge until my husband confronted her, and then she nonchalantly squatted in front of the Jeep, and left.

It was me anyway.

I figured that was the end of her visits, and instead she seemed to find comfort here. I didn’t encourage it, and let her be. I believe in letting wild animals stay wild, and honestly it was nice that the bunnies suddenly disappeared.

She was quite cute.

She has since moved along, and I am quite sure it had nothing to do with my hospitality, and everything to do with bunnies. I guess if she returns I will name her.

We did take advantage of some extra time and decided we deserved a grown-up night out. I promise, I tried to behave, but the waiter kept getting in my drink.

Cheers to him on that night.

Now with June behind us, I am reminded how life can be full of surprises, and even in he face of adversity we can laugh, and enjoy the tiniest moments for what they are. June also reminded me of how life can and should be deliberate.

Sometimes you need to wait and watch what destiny has for you, and sometimes it is in your hands.

Pay attention.

Wind Kisses, Donna