I drank four gulps of orange juice out of the jug at 4AM this morning.  It is something I do every morning, and have done so for years. I am the only one drinking it, so a glass would be a waste.  And since I am always the first one up, no one sees me.  

It is just one of those things that kick off my day. 

Dave Gardener writes about “Kickoff Activities” in his Monday morning Daily Ramblings .   And while I knew I was a creature of habit I didn’t realize how much so until I read his blog . “Kick off activities are those that trigger other activities during the day.”

True that.  

For me… it just gets me going.

I don’t set my alarm. I trust I will wake up when I have had enough sleep.

I begin my day with coffee, and contemplation. My journal is filled with thoughts of gratitude, and blog ideas. It is also filled with information of hikes and new road trips I have recently read about. Even still, it has a list of promises I have made to myself…just for the day.

To others it might look like a list of lists, and I guess it is, but I Iove it just the same. I believe you should live each day as if it is your first, so how I embrace the beginning of the day is pretty important.

So…that wonderful elixir of life, it is…coffee. Even the smell of it, is enough to jump start my day. A small breakfast, and a trip to the gym for spin class or a swim in my pool clears that same mind for a few minutes.

After all, isn’t a healthy life a balance of body, mind, and spirit? Our interpretations of this might look different, and are surely relative to our personalities, but healthy just the same. Maybe you aren’t a morning person and/or prefer to fly by the seat of your pants, but for me, morning is way too important to skip.

Why are morning rituals important?

  1. Morning rituals set the mood and tone of the day. Like the sunrise, it is a fresh start to the day.

2.They contribute to a purpose driven life, giving you direction about where to go.

3. They ground you, allowing you to walk confidently into the day. You are also more prepared for the days that might test you.

4. It is sometimes a deep breath.

5. It is a chance to let go…by choice. You can sweat out the big stuff at the gym. Make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff…at all.

There is way too much to do.

Benjamin Franklin asked himself every morning…

What good should I do today?

Seems like a great ponder for tomorrow.

Wind Kisses, Donna

How about you? Are you a creature of habit, or do you fly out the door and wing it? Do you have certain rituals that complete your day?