When you dwell on fun and live with intent, life is that much better.

And, be reminded… it doesn’t have to be Tuesday to eat tacos.

We stumbled across Tio’s Tacos last year when we traveling through Riverside, California. Honestly, we thought maybe a business was just early for Halloween.

Nope.. this was their everyday.

From a distance it looked…entertaining. I admit, I didn’t even care if the food was good. Fun is fun. My husband rolled his eyes and looked around to see where else we might eat.

I stood in line.

We learned it was the recipient of many foodie awards. And yet, it was clearly the decor that encouraged out-of-towners. The line to the outside told us the locals already knew what was on the grill.

They were right.

While we waited, I wandered through what was more of an art museum than a restaurant.

Quite an unforeseen delight.

And a closer look confirmed that all the art was made from recycled or repurposed materials. Margarita Maria was my favorite.

I can only imagine the patience it must have taken to build the beer Christmas tree.

And the fun involved with building the original beer belly guy.

It was outstanding.

Trust me…locals in line will never steer you in the wrong direction.

And neither will tacos.

Wind Kisses, Donna

WPWC: Unforseen

RDP: Decor