One of my favorite volunteer opportunities is Saluting Branches.

What is it? Saluting Branches, is a gathering of arborists from all over the country who volunteer their services to our National Cemeteries. Every year, on the same day, the arborists also gather additional community involvement and create a work party. Together, we prune, remove, and tidy up the trees and landscape.

Why? Saluting Branches main goal is to honor, and give back to those who came before us. And they do it their way. It is their chance to make the veteran’s final resting places safe and beautiful for visitors. And it helps jump start the cemetery staff.

What it means to me: I am honored to be a part of Saluting Branches, humbled by the willingness and dedication of our local arborists, surprised at the outpouring of community involvement, and grateful that our veterans rest in places that feel like reflective gardens.

This blink of time we share with our local arborists is not only a gift, but also a tribute, a message to the families, that let’s them know we remember…WITH them.

But honestly, at the end of the day, what is most impressive, to me, is how everyone feels quite at home in the trees. I guess it is just another day at work.

I think I missed my calling.

Wind Kisses, Donna

RDP: Another Day