Life seems to unfold in seasons, doesn’t it?

But tell me…are we supposed to rush though it, or should we slow down? We certainly don’t want to miss anything, and yet I can’t help to feel that rushing will steal the goodness of a moment.

I think October taught me this.

The month started with a return to New Hampshire, and the brilliant show of autumn along the Kancamagus Highway. It wasn’t the goal for the trip and yet one morning my niece called and said she was going to do the Kanc. and I should bring my parents. There was so much to do as they adjust to their new home, and prepare their home of 35 years for the market.

And we stopped, and said yes. The trip became a moment for reliving memories of another time, the deep breath we all needed, and a chance to look forward to what lies ahead.

The return to Arizona took us to Friday Night Lights. It is football at it’s finest…for now. And whatever next looks like for our grandson, we will continue to cherish this most wonderful gift of time.

It is also the season for riding tricycles, and I wonder if someday she will choose a motorcycle like her daddy, or swim goggles like her mama. Just stand by…

There will be that moment when everyone says how cute she is, and then the inner Hulk comes out. That is the gramma in her. Shouldn’t we all tap into our free spirit when the opportunity knocks?

My turn…

But with the changing seasons, I have taken the time to clean out closets and the garage, again.

That job never ends.

And I learned something this year that I never thought about. It is in regards to stuff…my/our stuff. Everything I touch has a memory, my memory. Everything I have saved is because I want that memory to last. I want someone else to find it and remember that exact moment in time, and so I tuck it away for the next time. Ironically enough, I spent a week cleaning out my parents basement and heard my mom mimic my sentiments…What if someone wants it someday?

And you know what I wanted…I wanted that time with them, to last…forever. So when I took some of those someday items, they were the photos and the written words that sound like them. And I left the stuff that was just stuff.

So slow down. Make sure you treasure where your heart is. Life is changing and we all enter new seasons all the time, in our own time.

When I woke up today I noticed my Yucca had bloomed. Big deal, right? Hear this…I have lived in this house for ten years and this was the first time it bloomed.

There is a message here…. in October.


Wind Kisses, Donna

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