The snooze button is overrated.

Coffee fits nicely in the water bottle too.

Not everyone makes the effort to visit the sunrise. The sunset, yes. I guess it is a lot easier to see the sunset coming and to be present when it rests. It sums up the day, and we settle in. The sunrise is quieter with a greater connection to nature. Birds wake with it, and many animals are returning to their dens. We hear them with the quiet, and it is worth it every single time. This morning the sun was up at 6:45 and like many mornings in the autumn desert, the hot air balloons joined us.

I wonder if they could hear our footsteps or if they were simply enjoying the invitation to day.

It was…just another tequila sunrise.

But honestly…the sunrise doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will continue to present itself the best way it knows how.

It’s cool like that.

Remember, this exact moment is tomorrow’s memory.

It is also a reminder that time moves along, so begin the day with a grateful heart, and on a new page in this ride called life.

Wind Kisses, Donna