I read a blog last week that got me thinking. It was titled, Last Rites. Trust me, it’s not at all what you expect. Initially, Geoff talked of celebrating “firsts” and he goes on to say:

But we do not get as many opportunities to celebrate last times, partly because of the difficulty in recognizing them.

The post is funny and I encourage the quick read here. I read it twice. With humor he writes of celebrating lasts.

I did not know it would be the last time I

So how about you?

What would you celebrate if you knew it was your last time?

Without a doubt I would have celebrated my last competitive running race by winning, no matter what it took. I would have enjoyed emptying the candy jar at my grandmothers house. And this weekend, while at the park with my grandkids, if I thought this would be the last time we were sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes, we would stay until dark.

And what would you gladly celebrate knowing it would be your last time?

Hands down! If I could get someone to fold my laundry every day, I would gladly do a happy dance. And traffic/ rush hour? Happy hour would be that much nicer, wouldn’t it? But to never request a “representative” five or six times to speak to a human on the phone would be elation.

Thanks for the fun ponder to start my day Geoff. I volunteer to be present at your wake. Be well.

Wind Kisses, Donna