Were you THAT kid?

I still am.

I wonder if anyone actually believes they can get rich with all that extra change in the washer? Not sure it matters, but I will tell you, anything that comes out of the washer in my house falls under the rule, finders keepers. That keeps everyone pretty diligent about checking.

What about the other stuff? There is that stuff we find along the way.

That, my friends, is what makes us rich…in character. For me, there is a reason behind everything I gather. The pinecone is from my granddaughter and from her first hike in the north country. She brought it to me because she knew I would like it. There is the stone, really a wishing rock, that my grandson and I found, the ceramic chunk from a beach walk near our home in Spain, and the pebble from my great niece who said it was a magic rock and I should save it.

The sea-glass is from my collection. It is much harder to find these days, making the new finds even more special. In fact, there is something special to love about emptying pockets following a trip to the beach or through the woods.

How about you? What’s in YOUR pockets?

Wind Kisses, Donna

RDP: Pocket