Nothing should be left unsaid.

Well, don’t hold me to that. There are times we all need to put a sock in it.

Right now isn’t that time.

The last few years I have sent my mom (and dad) a gift a day through the month of December. I guess it is my own version of an advent calendar and was in lieu of a single gift Christmas Day. Their move to assisted living meant less room for stuff and more room for thinking creatively. Most of the gifts were driven by a memory with hopes that I could regift the light they have brought to our lives. Shout wipes generated the most laughter, next to my dad seeking out what might be candy and scarfing it when mom was in the shower. And a favorite was a memory from each grandchild that was typed in red and green.

She hung those memories on their tree.

The final gift is best described by the letter I wrote to her. It is very personal, and the video attached will most likely only make sense to us and doesn’t even end on point. It is ok.

Nothing should be left unsaid.

Joy of My Life – Chris Stapleton

What we didn’t expect, was my dad’s interest in watching the video of memories everyday, numerous times a day.

He remembers.

Did I tell you baby…you are the ….

Joy of My Life (Youtube)

Thank you Chris Stapleton, for bringing this song home.

While there is time, let us do good.

Wind Kisses, Donna