The sign that hangs on my back patio was never more true than yesterday.     

I admit there was a pang of uncertainty when I pulled into Snooze for a breakfast date.  It wasn’t like a Match or an eHarmony connection.  It was with my blogging community, people I had never met in person. They know a more sensitive side of me. They know my thoughts, and impressions of this life I live.  And while that seems silly to some, my privacy isn’t something I give away easily.  

I  first started blogging, at  the urging of friends to document our time while living and working in Yellowstone. It was solely for friends and family.  

My blog changed with a move to Arizona, a collection of grandchildren underfoot, and our new love for over-landing. To be honest, I always chuckle when people think I have something to say. And if there is one thing blogging has taught me…we all do.  

Our meeting included a delicious breakfast, fun conversation, and a gathering that leaves me with a full heart and plans to meet again.  

What I enjoyed the most was seeing how their blogs are a true reflection of who they are and I can only hope it is the same of mine.  

Marsha of Always Write is truly interested in the lives of others.  I think her purpose in life is to gather people and lift them. She did that yesterday.  She offers blogging challenges to encourage and inspire writing, and to make your writing better.  Meet her in person and you will feel like you have always known her. You can find her most recent post here.  

John of Journeys by Johnbo and his lovely wife Lynn drove an hour to meet us. I think John might be a frequent winner of Trivial Pursuit. Not sure.  What I do know is he and Lynn love to explore out of the way places, embrace history and fun facts, and enjoy people they meet along the way. Join him with other accomplished photographers of Lens-Artists, and with your favorite cell photo of the week on Sundays. 

Before I met Janet of Sustainabiltea,  I knew I would love her.  We have lived very different lives and yet find so much in common.  Blogging gifts you that. She loves adventures, road trips, the outdoors, travel and gardening.  If anyone comes to the Phoenix area hit us up, we are both ready for the next adventure at the drop of a hat.  Find one of my favorite posts of hers here.   

In life , you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important  are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it is worth it. – unknown 

Wind Kisses, Donna