The strawberries were a gift from my garden this morning.

We should be in the Valley of the Fire this week, and instead we returned home last night. I could share the scary, emotional details.

I won’t. Life is much nicer when you grab what matters.

This time it was each other. Nothing seemed to be going our way, but as we are tucked back into home, we are laughing to think someone must have been watching over us.

48 Hours of Blessings:

  1. We got a glimpse of a place we will return to, that is a promise.
  2. We always have a plan B. It worked.
  3. I know how to break camp, hook up the jeep, drive it, and let him know I am in charge.
  4. A tiny Urgent Care was able to treat his debilitating back pain. We arrived 15 minutes before they closed.
  5. We got the final room in the Inn at Overton, NV.
  6. There were pop tarts for breakfast. A breakfast with a message.

You see…39 years ago, I woke up, opened a box of cinnamon pop tarts to share with Dale and our life together began. Nothing about our wedding was extravagant either, and I liked it like that. The truth is…the early days were unique, sometimes laughable.

We were young, foolish and experts at making it work.

There was no fairytale in that chapter, as we faced military deployments immediately. And the imperfections of life often outweighed perfections every, single day.

Our honeymoon continues to be that time we find together. That gift of time.

We have climbed mountains only we know about and have learned to slide down the other side…still laughing and still figuring it out.

The last three days were an example of that.

Living our life, loving our journey, and grabbing what keeping it real looks like.

Wind Kisses, Donna

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