There is nothing like gut-wrenching laughter.  It is almost always spontaneous, and the stories that follow it make the fun, funnier.  

With cameras, we love to plan our sunset moments, our travel walks, and our milestones.  It is those efforts that capture the essence of who we are.  Our flow, our style.  And whether we plan it or not, humor and laughter sneak their way into our photography too.  

I have learned to accept that there is a sometimes in photography.  I am sure I can skirt that explanation.    

We all know not all photographs are greeting card worthy.   In fact, some clicks feel foolish, and we take them because they elicit a smile, make us laugh, or generate a memory that will mean something later on. Today, I enjoyed a few of those funny memories, many of them making the cut because I gave into that sometimes.

The Sometimes of Photography:

1. Being in the right place at the right time:

I think that might be true for both of us.

2. Letting go of aspirations:

Sometimes you need to just let it be. It was Valentine’s Day and we were hiking Waterfall Trail. The sun was in the right direction, and the plan was to photograph a heart-shaped shadow. Quite apropos, don’t you think?

My shadow though….

3. Waiting for it: #Patience.

It was dusk and heavy fog moved in over night. It is the best time to see animals in Yellowstone. We came across a mama grizzly and her two-year old cubs near this rest stop. Caution sent us back to our cars. I could show you 100 photos from this morning. This would be my favorite the one from my friend Kathy. (PC-K. Bird) The snack?

A “Bear Frequenting Area” sign.

4. It is what it is:

The road side rest room, in Oatman, AZ. There was no line.

5. There are times for background information:

Little did I know he was asking for forgiveness. My husband was now at the carwash.

6. Some moments present themselves:

My grandson decided this was a unigoat. My granddaughter insisted insisted we stay until we found it’s unicorn, mama.

Note the eye roll.

7. It’s not that funny…until later.

The meme helped.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

That’s true in photography too.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens-Artists Community, John of John’s Space/ Humor