A few weeks ago  I tossed the remaining water from my water bottle into a flower pot.

Not sure who scared who more, me or the mama quail.  She was squawking. I was looking around to see if anyone saw me jump out of my skin, and hear me scream at myself. 

It was just a dang quail.

A closer look revealed twelve eggs under the Kalanchoe.

Patience set in for both of us, much like the dove from a few weeks ago.

This morning, I swallowed my coffee as I was running late for a spin class, and shouted back to my husband: You know this will be the day, I am late.  

And it was.  

I had just enough time for a few cell phone photos, figuring I would get my camera out later.

And they were gone.  Apparently, they survived the two foot drop, and are most-likely tucked into a thick shrub for a few days.   There was an owl on the roof last night and he was probably thinking free popcorn for movie night. 

I wanted to be disappointed. Instead, I will look forward to the day she parades them around the neighborhood.

The beautiful thing about life is hat we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn, see, or be… D. Ruby

Wind Kisses, Donna

PS: And all is well with the dove family too.

They are wondering what all the racket is too.

Inspired by: Nature’s gifts, The Changing Seasons/ Brian, Ju-Lyn, and Weekend Coffee Share/Natalie, John/Cellpic Sunday.

And thank you, Terri, for your invite to Sunday Stills/ Fab florals