I remember the first time I heard about the Rule of Thirds in photo composition. 

I had enrolled in a photography class at a community college. We were introduced to five basic guidelines of composition: Simplicity, Lines, Balance, Framing, and Rule of Thirds.

Rule of Thirds was new to me. With this composition you divide your photo into thirds horizontally and vertically. Tina explains it best here.

Our first assignment was without a camera. We were to look through magazines to find examples of composition. I was hooked when I realized the photos I found were directly applicable to what I had learned. The knowledge also helped me settle into what my strengths and preferences looked like.

Twenty years later, I still use the elements to direct my lens. I think the Rule of Thirds helps photos flow, and draws the eye where it needs to go. Of course that is a preference too.

A challenge to myself this week, in addition to joining Tina of Lens Artists, was to capture the distinctive eye color of the white-winged dove.

Like many photographers these days. Any photo is better with a little editing and I thought I might used my dove as an example. This original photo is ok. It is simple, with a nice bokeh background to enhance the dove. The lines in both the pot and the tree indirectly frame the dove.

In the second photo I applied the Rule of Thirds. Recognize that the bird is on the right side and because of my personal challenge I pinpointed the eye at one point with its beak facing towards the other corner. I think it flows a little better with less distraction from the jacaranda tree in the back.

The final edit, while out of focus, captured what I was trying for.

But the beauty in photography is…

Tomorrow is another day, a new month, and there is no shortage of white-winged doves.

Until next time.

Wind Kisses, Donna

inspired by: Lens Artists/ Rule of Thirds, Bushboy/Last on the card