I am somewhere stuck in the middle.   I am not the mama anymore as my kids have found their way into life.  I am not the daughter, and instead, more of a cheerleader to my parents and in-laws, as they make their way to 90.  

The grandkids kind of blow in with the wind. 

What’s next?  What does this mean for us? It feels a bit like an empty nest, but it isn’t empty.   In fact, it is overflowing with priority and, obligation these days.  Sorry if it sounds derogatory, that isn’t the intent. It is more of an observation, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is just the way it feels right now.

Have you worn those shoes?

I guess it is my turn to be the balance in otherwise chaotic lives.  If I can bring comfort, safety, fun or convenience to those lives, I will. I always will. Laughter comes along with it most days. Not always.  My mom is overwhelmed with life, my in-laws have an endless honey-do list, my daughters’ yearn for a monthly date night, and the grandkids want pool time, a sleepover and to eat from the white door, or in other words the snack shack, or gramma’s stash.  

My husband and I raise our hands, faithfully.  We know that gift of time too well, and have seen potential drift into time, only to discover it is too late


While we pass in the night, my husband also confirms our next trip is on the map.  Reservations have been made for a loop up through the PNW in August/September.  It feels selfish, and a deep breath reiterates the importance of balance. 

The honey-do lists are done for now, weekend getaways for our daughters were exactly what they needed, the snack shack is empty, and I have found peace knowing I may not physically see my dad again. Thank goodness for Necco wafers and flashbacks to another time.

I begin the new list of lists. This time is is about packing the trailer,  searching  for cool stops along the way and pinpointing promised hikes from our younger days. 

And we make that time to live our own dash. And we live it well.

Look around. The days move pretty quickly. 

Some call this time a season, others a chapter, and still others a journey.  I use them all interchangeably. I think it helps to  recognize and cherish, the unexpected joys of the journey.  

Not the trips…the journey, we walk through together.    

Because no matter where you are in life, your presence with eyes wide open is paramount.   

All you have to do is raise your hand.

Wind Kisses, Donna

With inspiration by: RDP/ flashback