How about both?

In the desert we have to be a little creative with protecting our ice cream from the blistering heat. No problem for Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor/Diner in Scottsdale. It is evanescent of time gone by.

A walk in the door to pink and white decor, and you might be singing: “Happy Days”. It’s a traditional ice cream parlor experience, and in truth it has been there for 60 years.

Interesting history is of Bill Keane, the Family Circus cartoonist, who lived in Scottsdale and frequented the diner. The decor and menu reflect his comic strip.

In the low desert we spend a lot of summer months traveling north to cooler temperatures. You can’t live in Phoenix and not know of Rock Springs Cafe, in Black Canyon City. It is north of Phoenix metro and is a must stop off the I-17. Most notice the diner, following signs on the highway, boasting the best pie on the planet.

They might be right. They were put on the map by a Hollywood-type quite a few years ago. Apparently, he boasted about the lemon meringue and later asked to have it shipped. Personally, I always get the apple with a heaping scoop of ice cream. It’s sharable, but really? Who’s doin’ that? The building is modest, and has lovely outside seating and a tiny walk on the grounds.

Further north and you will arrive at the best roadside stop in, maybe, in Arizona: Cameron’s Trading Post. They have all the Navajo favorites in their diner and a stellar gift shop. There are trinkets, local handmade items, and traditional foods to purchase. And while their fry bread is delicious…


There are no calories in Navajo Fry Bread when you are feeding your soul in Monument Valley.

Do that.

Ah, yes, our delectable desert desserts, with treats sometimes reflective of the holidays. Did you know a mitten cookie cutter makes an awesome cactus cookie?

You do now.

There is always time for the sweeter things in life, the desert included. We all know happiness is homemake.

I concur. A turn into my desert drive, and there is a good chance chocolate-chip cookies just came out of the oven. The coffee pot is on too.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Sunday Stills/Desert or Dessert