I admire you.

Yes. I am talking to you.

I admire you, not because of your fancy cars, pretty face, luxurious homes, or your jet-set lifestyle. And do leave the appearances at home, it’s not a good look on that perfect hair.

I admire you.

I admire your strength when you would rather wither away.

I admire your resilience on the darkest days.

I love your willingness to laugh in the face of adversity.

And I admire your integrity in staying the course.

I admire conversation that can agree to disagree.

And the character of being true to you.

I admire life-long learning,

And your willingness to share.

I admire your sacrifice and unheralded life.

And the respect you give to a child who finds angels in the clouds, and water to dance down the river.

I admire you.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Your turn…

RDP: Admire