Rest assured the snakes are safely tucked into hibernation and we can resume our sunrise hikes. The trail near our home is almost always our go to, because we can walk to it.

It was nice to be back. We were a little behind the sunrise, but it’s all good. There is nothing like climbing up our hill to gain perspective about life, clear our minds, and think through the day. It is often the time we reconnect and have those life conversations we all try to make time for.

And it’s not uncommon to have company. The balloons are a daily sight through the winter in Arizona. I have missed them too.

At the hill’s saddle we are above the balloons. At this point I always feel empowered knowing the hard part is behind me, and I happily see 360 degrees. I am grateful I am not sitting in the traffic to the east, and more than grateful my legs still carry me here.

The trail meanders along the ridge past the saddle to the high point in the distance. It feels intimidating to know I am only half way, and yet I also know the jagged line in the distance is downhill.

The quiet allows us to hear the riders, and the flame that keeps them up sounds like a deep breath, a sigh of relief that we are all enjoying what the outdoors offers us. They seem to follow us for a bit. The wind carries them on to breakfast in a nearby valley, while we search for autumn in the desert.

Great minds think alike.

And home is on the horizon.

The message today was found in this colorful lichen along the way. To me it says….find your heart, and follow it.


Wind Kisses, Donna

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