Exposure in Photography:

The Tap and Lift function on the iPhone is another random fun find for me. I don’t pretend to be well-versed in anything technical, so for me to use this tells you it is easy.

I use an iPhone 13 Pro with IOS 16.1

When I first discovered Tap and Lift, I wasn’t sure what I could use for. It was cool just the same.

There are plenty of tutorials out there. I will keep it simple, and easy as promised.

  1. In your iPhone gallery, hold your finger on a photo until it begins to move.

2. When you let go, you will be directed to save it or share it. I usually text it to myself.

3. Save the new copy to your gallery.

While I was playing with it, I learned sometimes it is nice to get rid of the background noise, even with favorite photos.

It doesn’t always work. Anything claiming to be easy, often has hiccups. I enjoyed the black background with the sunflower anyway.

With autumn in full bloom, I thought I would try leaves. I might add you also don’t get to choose your outline, but easy is easy.

And finally, I thought of a use for the Tap and Lift.

Maybe a Christmas card?

Wind Kisses, Donna