When photography first become a hobby of mine, I lived near NYC. Aside from sporting events, it seemed natural to take pictures of architecture and alleyways. I loved the different perspectives I could gain from one subject. Quite honestly, it was simple fun.

A move to the country, and my motivation turned to trees and trails. I think I understood more about capturing the sense of depth, but I took the photos for the mystery conveyed. For me, there was a curiosity about what might be beyond what the eye can see.

This week Patti of the Lens-Artists community, challenges us to explore the power of DIAGONALS in photography. Your subject might be a gift of nature, a perspective you choose, or maybe it is manmade.

The ruins at Bandolier National Monument near Santa Fe, NM encompass all three.

On another note…have I shared my perspective, on life, from the passenger seat of our Jeep?

If you said: yes, you know I spend much of my time out of the Jeep. If you said: no let me enlighten you. I/we love exploration and off-road adventures in the Southwest. He likes the road less traveled. I love where it takes us. It works, And we rumble along the angles and dangles of the rocky hillsides.

Here we landed at the wave at White Pocket, AZ

Overtime I have learned to use the Jeep as a model. So, it would be impossible for me to get through a post about diagonals without at least one Jeep photo. Since I spend a lot of time walking, I have loved the chance to photograph the scenery we…he crawls through.

In Moab, Utah, friends are essential.

Diagonals? They are actually pretty easy to find, and I chuckle to think we have morphed the idea into our everyday photography of friends and family. We put our hands on our hips and one leg out to make ourselves look skinny, or direct our eyes. Right? This next photo was from a charity event last weekend. While not my favorite photo of the day, the princesses are on point. And in this case the position of their hands defines their character.

Diagonals? I will leave you to your interpretation, Rules? Yes, there are suggestions to follow. They make us better. Use them.

Be reminded…kites and snow angels are exempt, as their motivation is for no other reason than to generate smiles.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Last week’s Lens-Artists challenge took us globally to our personal look at Home Sweet Home, hosted by Tina of Travels and Trifles. Next week join Ann-Christine to learn of next weeks motivational theme.

For now… Where are the diagonals in your photography?