It is a well documented fact that we love our coffee in the morning!   I am not sure anything gears us up like that first sip of, wake up!  

I do have some friends that love tea.  For me, it is coffee. I love it leaded, black, and hot.

But in all honestly, coffee isn’t just for morning. I think it helps me think at the computer, it is an easy lure for a friend date, and it is paramount for an afternoon pick me up. I also find those fancy coffees, that I skip in the morning, are a welcome treat in the PM.

Vacation makes that scary as it throws a wrench into the routine. Will there be a pot in the room? Will the lobby of the hotel have coffee readily available? I know, it sounds pathetic. It is what it is.

Cheers to 24/7.

Recently, on our Disney Wonder Cruise, coffee was taken to a new level. The Cove serves any and every java variation you can think up. And like most things Disney, they brought the magic..and the fun.

Oh there was champagne too, as it was the New Year…

But first coffee.

Wind Kisses, Donna