I felt like I walked into a crayon box.

Instead, we were roaming around hundreds of brilliantly lit cars, up for action at Barrett Jackson. The colors, to me, were like paint swatches, nail polish and crayons. And I wonder, who has the job of thinking up names for things like that. There is candy apple red, sunset-sherbet orange and Mediterranean Sea green.

I want that job, wouldn’t you?

Barrett Jackson is a collector’s car auction and is the place to be for car aficionados. It is here where hundreds of automobiles cross the auction block in front of a global audience, for the love of cars. But it is so much more than a car show. I love the history of yesterdays cars. I love people-watching, the hum of the auctioneers, and shake my head, to see how quickly millions of dollars change hands.

To think we are proud of our muddy Jeep is laughable.

And I chuckle to think the potential buyers scan cars the same way I walk through a garden store. My husband is horrified to think I would rather have four homes for the $1.7 million price of the red Carrera GT. Unlike him, I don’t care about clean engines, how fast a car can go 0 to 60, or if a cute country star can afford it. I guess we all do what we love. (I don’t really know who the man is, but he was allowed to sit in the Carrera, and test the motor, something only a serious buyer is allowed).

Personally, I thought the Scooby Doo and the Cheech and Chong vans were fun finds.

And if I haaad to pick a grocery-getter, I would love waving to people in the Walmart parking lot with the meat mobile. It crossed the block for $130,000.

No worries. There is something for everyone at Barrett Jackson. And if you aren’t much for shopping, my favorite entertainment, next to people-watching, is to listen to the auctioneers and watch the cars cross the blocks.

Do you think any kid grows up with aspirations of becoming an auctioneer? I hope so. It is fascinating .

Ok. Truth. IF I could choose one car as my favorite in the show, it would be the Mediterranean Sea green Corvette. That’s my sit in the garage and love it car.

At the end of the night, reality always checks us and we agree to meet at the Snazzleberry Jeep.

It’s exactly where I need to be.

Wind Kisses, Donna

If you want to know more about Barrett Jackson, I will pass the mike to John of Journeys with Johnbo. He, along with Disaffected Musings/ Rules of Logic know a little more about cars and the auction than I do.